Power Beauty Soulmates Sunday Drive – The Boulevard Tour

The new Power Beauty Soulmates season 2014 has started, with the first Sunday Drive of 2014. And for the first time ever, this Sunday Drive was not members-only; this one was open for any Aston Martin owner. On this beautiful sunny day, twenty-three Astons showed for and a nice drive along the Dutch coast.
( a special thanks to Cindy and Jackie of SuperCarClub.nl, for letting us use their road book )

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9846

Meeting point: Loetje aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam-Noord

All drivers gathered at the new Loetje location in Amsterdam Noord: Loetje aan ‘t IJ. Aston Martin only VIP parking had been arranged on the roof, which resulted in a nice background for the Aston line-up.

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0063

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Angelien - 3211

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0001

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0056

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0019

On our way to IJmuiden

The plan was to drive to IJmuiden in convoy, but an accident on the highway forced us to take a different route, spreading the participants into multiple little groups. Luckily all of us arrived at the Tour starting point in time for more photos!

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0068

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0069

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0085

Boulevard Tour starting point: IJmuiden

At the parking area in IJmuiden all participants received their Road Book and started on the actual Boulevard Tour to Noordwijk, via Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9794

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9790

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9787

The Boulevard Tour

The sunny weather was ideal for the trip, especially for those of us driving a Volante or Roadster. However, it also inspired a lot of dutchies to visit the coastal area, which caused a serious traffic jam leaving Zandvoort.

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9799

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9821

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9829

Finish: Hotels van Oranje, Noordwijk

A bit later than planned, all cars arrived in Noordwijk. All Astons parked at the VIP Parking attracted a lot of attention ๐Ÿ™‚

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0133

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Alwin - 6453

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Alwin - 6457

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Arjen - 9926

PBSM Boulevard Tour - Willem - 0194

More photos of the Boulevard Tour

Photos Willem Verstraten

Willem Verstraten Photography

Photos Arjen Wijnbergen

Arjen Wijnbergen Photography

Photos Angelien Oude Mulders

Angelien Pictures

Photos Niels Keekstra

Niels Keekstra

And finally… my own photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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