Your kid wants to have an Aston too? Just get him this ‘DB Convertible Junior’

I am not sure what to think of this. A kid size DB5 convertible look-a-like for £16,500?

DB Convertible Junior - 8

The West London based Aston Martin Heritage Dealer Nicholas Mee & Co is now offering this fully functioning, petrol-engined car for children, called the “DB Convertible Junior”.

The car is powered by 110cc engine, giving it a top-speed of 46mph. It comes with a semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox, Brembo disc brakes, indicators, lights and a horn!

The target audience is kids of 10 years and over, but (and I quote the press release) “… you’d be surprised how much room there is in the cockpit. It’s big enough for an adult and the pedals can be adjusted so that the DB Junior will fit a wide range of drivers”.

Here’s a video showing the DB Convertible Junior in more details and in action:

DB Convertible Junior - 3

DB Convertible Junior - 7

DB Convertible Junior - 1

DB Convertible Junior - 2

DB Convertible Junior - 5

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