The Aston Martin’s and Lagonda’s at the Interclassics & Topmobiel fair

This weekend I visited the 2014 edition of the yearly Interclassics & Topmobiel fair in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Last year’s edition was the best year for Aston Martin fans, because it celebrated AM’s 100 year anniversary.

Houtkamp DB4 and DB5

But still, lots of Aston Martin’s to find this year. Here’s some photos I took during the event. A couple of Lagonda’s from the pre-Aston Martin days, several beautiful classic Aston and two modern ones.

First, the Lagonda’s. I know, these are not Aston’s, but still an important part of Aston Martin history:

Lagonda M45 – 1934

Lagonda M45 1934

Lagonda M45 1934 logo

Lagonda Rapier – 1936

Lagonda Rapier 1936

Then the real classic Astons :

DB2/4 MKII – 1956

DB2:4 MKII 1956 (141 produced) - front

DB2:4 MKII 1956 (141 produced) - rear

DB2/4 MKIII – 1958

DB2:4 MKIII 1958 - front

DB2:4 MKIII 1958 - rear

DB4 Series V

DB4 Series V Special Series Engine 1962 - front

DB5 – 1965

DB5 1965 - front right

DB5 - 1965 - front left

DB5 1965 - rear

DB5 – 1964

DB5 1964 - front

DB5 1964 - rear

DB6 – 1967

DB6 1967

And finally, two modern Aston Martin’s at the stand of Cito Motors, one of the two Aston Martin dealerships in the Netherlands:

Vanquish – 2013

Vanquish - front

Vanquish - rear

Vanquish - interior

Rapide S – 2013

Rapide S

All in all, a nice number of Astons at the fair. But there were a lot of more around this weekend, of Aston Martin owners visiting the fair. Coming up in a post later this week.

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