Centenary Parade – the head of the pack

Driving in the Aston Martin Centenary Parade at the Nordschleife was a unique and exciting experience. Hopefully you were able to catch some of that excitement from the parade photos and the parade video, both shot by my wife, riding with me in the V12 Vantage Roadster.

Centenary Parade - 3

However, driving in the parade myself did mean I wasn’t able to take pictures of most of the other cars in the parade. And boy oh boy, there were some interesting cars (and drivers!) participating, especially at the head of the pack.
Luckily, I have just received a large batch of photos taken by other photographers from the side of the track, most in the famous Nordschleife Carousel corner. Here’s a selection of those photos. If you want see all photos, check this album on my Aston Martin News page on Facebook.

The CC100 Speedster Concept, driven by CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez

Centenary Parade - CC100 - 3

Centenary Parade - CC100 - 1

Centenary Parade - CC100 - 2

The DBR1, driven by Sir Stirling Moss

Centenary Parade - DBR1 - 2

Centenary Parade - DBR1 - 1

The Bond DB5, driven by James Bond himself, Daniel Craig

Centenary Parade - DB5 - 2

Centenary Parade - DB5 - 1

Centenary Parade - DB5 and Daniel Craig

The DB3 “red nose”, driven by AM NTC director Wolfgang Schuhbauer

Centenary Parade - DB3 "red nose"

The rest of the pack

( more photos on Facebook )

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