Rally4Ladies with two Astons

Imagine 41 beautiful cars, driving a scenic tour in the heart of the Netherlands on a gorgeous day. Now think about the teams in each car: two women, dressed up in faux-fur and lots of animal prints. Welcome to the Rally4Ladies!

On Sunday September 30, the first Rally4Ladies took place in the Netherlands.
It didn’t matter which set of wheels you took with you so we saw Mini’s, a classic Saab cabrio 900, a yellow Lambo, a classic Beetle, a Ferrari California, Porsches and two Aston Martins.
Each team consisted of two, a driver and navigator. The rally theme was “Gooische Vrouwen” which describes a typical woman in the uppety part of the Netherlands. Think football wives and glamour babes. Posh, lots of fur and bling.
Each equipe had a name: Burberry Babes, Glitter Girls, the Dutch Golden Girls, JagAss, California Dreaming, Stop and Go and team Absolutely Fabulous.

The route was close to 100 kilometers but, well, the system used to get to the finish line was kinda challenging. So if you were in the area you could have seen a lot of cars passing by maybe 3 times, reversing, trying again or just getting lost.
At the end of the day, all cars were accounted for.

Well, not all Astons showed up at the finish, but that is story for another day.

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