Two more Vanquish spots

The factory Vanquish cars are really getting out there now. Yesterday, two different cars have been photographed by car-spotters, one in Germany and one in Belgium.

Spotter “whoopyload” found this baby blue Vanquish stopping for fuel in Germany. Judging from all the dead bugs on the front of the car, the drivers had been pushing it on the Autobahn.

Does anybody know the name of this color is? Knowing Aston, I’m sure it’s not called “Baby Blue”…

More photos of this blue Vanquish on

The 2nd Vanquish that was spotted yesterday is the same Selene Bronze car we saw earlier this week, on the Autobahn in Germany. Now it was seen on the highway in Belgium. Strangely enough, it still had the same strap hanging from its boot. Probably some temporary way to open the boot on the pre-production car.

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