Wanna trade? 1 day of iOS programming for a ride in an Aston Martin

This is Raphael Schaad, a software engineer who works on the popular Flipboard app for iPhone and iPad. And he’s got a deal for you:

If you can offer his dad a ride in your Aston Martin, he will offer you one day of iOS coding, prototyping or advising.

According to his post on Google+, he and his dad used to watch James Bond movies together and his dad always admired the Aston Martin.

So Raphael decided that one day he would buy his dad an Aston Martin.

However, he does not have that kind of money yet, so he came up with the idea of trading his iOS skills to get his dad a ride in his favorite car.

Raphael’s post on Google+ includes the above image of an Aston Martin DB5. But it’s not clear whether the traded ride has to be in a DB5, or whether it can be any kind of Aston.

Raphael is located in Palo Alto and his dad (who’s living in Switzerland) will be visiting him in September. So if you own an Aston Martin, live in the Valley and want to help him out, please contact Raphael.

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