The ONE-77 Collection

We received a very thick envelope from Aston Martin HQ in Gaydon. In it we found The ONE-77 Collection brochure.
From the cover letter: “The ONE-77 is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin and to celebrate this amazing car, we have selected a small number of luxury partners to produce a collection of beautifully crafted pieces. From stunning jewelry to hand crafted silverware, each exclusive product is limited to only 77 pieces and just like the ONE-77, is destined to become a collector’s item in its own right.”
If you missed out on getting the real deal, this may be your chance to own an exquisite ONE-77 creation. I’ve highlighted a couple of must-haves from the brochure, prices on request so I can only guess!

The ONE-77 mobile device

The ONE-77 mobile device has been produced by Mobiado and is a beautifully crafted slim-line phone. Featuring sapphire crystal buttons and is available in both 18 carat gold and platinum. A Swiss watch movement positioned in the top of the phone affords the owner the highest quality in timekeeping.

The Object of Time ONE-77 edition

The Object of Time demonstrates the same uncompromising attitude to design and functionality as the car; mirroring the muscular curves of the powerful ONE-77 form, it offers the owner a series of intricately-combined functions including a safe, a collection of Time Mover watch winders, humidors, four world clocks, an in-built sound system with iPod docking station and a flying minute tourbillion timepiece. Available in a range of colours, and standing at an impressive 177 cm tall.

The ONE-77 audio system

The ONE-77 Verdandi is a revolutionary, integrated sound system incorporating spectacular sound quality with a beautifully sculpted body. The piece stands at 150 cm tall and is available in a range of materials and finishes. The hand-crafted body is formed on bronze, then coated in lacquer or plated in precious metals such as platinum and rose gold. Produced by Audiomoda in Norway, this creation is their most exclusive and luxurious piece to date.

The ONE-77 cycle

Crafted from carbon fibre and utilising a classic diamond form frame, the ONE-77 cycle is one of the most technically capable bicycles available. Unique features including hydraulic brake discs and carbon fibre wheels allow it to perform flawlessly in a wide range of conditions. A motorsport-derived data logging system, capable of referencing 100 channels of data from embedded sensors tracks the rider’s progress constantly.
The bike is available in seven stunning colour combinations inspired by the lacquers and leathers offered across the ONE-77 range.

The ONE-77 silver collection

The ONE-77 silver collection is a stunning selection of limited edition pieces inspired by the extraordinary engineering and beauty demonstrated through every aspect of the ONE-77. Grant Macdonald is London’s finest silversmiths and like Aston Martin they appreciate the time it takes to create something exceptional. Crafted from only the finest materials, this set of sterling silver champagne flutes is offered in a presentation case. Goes well with the bottle cooler below!

The carbon-fibre inner layer holds the ice and water, insulated by the polished sterling silver exterior to prevent condensation forming and to keep its interior cool.

The ultimate tumbler in hallmarked 18 carat gold and a carbon-fibre base incorporating the signature ONE-77 herringbone pattern.

The ONE-77 diamond collection

I’ve saved my personal favorite till last: The ONE-77 Diamond Collection!
Calleija’s resplendent collection of exquisite gems set in precious metals is elegantly composed of ASTAR gems, a unique cut created especially for the partnership between Aston Martin and Calleija. This beautiful collection is formed of seven suites, each containing seven pieces and available exclusively to Aston Martin owners.
The designs are inspired by the use of negative space within the design of the ONE-77 which originally led to the creation of the ASTAR itself; the pieces are elegant and luxurious, a piece of art to wear and to treasure.

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