First V12 Zagato spots – pics and video

It looks like Aston Martin has started delivering the first V12 Zagato’s to customers, because the first cars are being spotted on the streets now. Earlier this month, GTSpirit already published photos of a dark silver car spotted in London. Then a few days later, a nice blue one was captured by a spotter in Switzerland. For me, the car looked awesome from the first shots at Villa d’Este, but seeing in a normal street situation really makes it clear how brutal it looks.

The V12 Zagato just got even more exclusive

When the V12 Zagato was introduced, it was said to be limited to 150 cars. However, it looks like it will be even more exclusive than that. Aston Martin has now announced that the production of the V12 Zagato will instead be limited to 101 units, 49 less than the initial planning.