Taking Billy Bilstein to Hamburg

I am a member of the Dutch Cars and Business club, which organizes multiple road trips each year, plus a couple of cars and coffee meetings. This weekend, 30 club members went on a 2-day trip to Hamburg, Germany, bringing 30 supercars, including four very nice Aston Martins, one being our blue/yellow V12 Roadster. But I must warn you, this post also includes photos of some Italian and German monsters.

PBSM Club Sunday Drive – June 2013

Two months ago had gone by since the last Sunday Drive of the Dutch “Power Beauty Soulmates”, so it was time for another meeting. This time, 12 PBSM members and their Astons met for lunch at the Kieviet Hotel in Wassenaar. After lunch, they left for a nice route along the Dutch coast, via Katwijk, Noordwijk, Zandvoort, to end up for drinks at the Duin en Kruidberg hotel in Santpoort.

Taking Agent #002 to Monaco and back

I have just returned from a great trip in “Agent #002”, my Cobalt Blue V12 Roadster. Six days of driving, from Amsterdam to Monaco and back, 3,000 kilometers in total! The trip was organized by Cars and Business, a Dutch car club for owners of sports cars and super cars of all brands, not only Aston Martins. 2 Astons (my V12 Roadster and a DBS Volante), 3 Ferraris, 3 Mercs, 3 Porsches, 1 Audi and 1 Rolls, driving from the Netherlands to Luxembourg, through France, through Switzerland, then Italy, back to France, to finally arrive in Monaco. So please excuse the occasional german or italian cars appearing the pictures below 🙂

The Astons at Top Marques Monaco

Last weekend, as part of a 6 day road trip, I was in Monaco and had the chance to do a quick visit at the Top Marques show. I wasn’t too impressed with the show. It’s quite small and sadly the emphasis seemed to be on tuning (I can’t believe how many full-carbon-body cars I saw there…). Anyway, the local Aston Martin dealer, British Motors, had a stand at the show too, displaying 4 Aston Martins, a Vanquish, a V12 Vantage Roadster, a new DB9 and a Cygnet. (I don’t have any pics of the Cygnet, sorry!).

17 Aston Martins gather at Dutch “Power Beauty Soulmates” meeting

The “Power Beauty Soulmates” (or PBSM) is a Dutch Aston club that meets every first Sunday of the even months. So last Sunday, April 7, PBSM members were invited to meet at the GeoFort in Herwijnen. The weather was great, so a lot of Aston Martins turned up, 17 in total. The owners of the GeoFort let us park our cars on the fort area itself, resulting in a nice row of shiny Astons. Here’s a selection of the pics I took.

Did Daniel Craig buy this Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster?

Did Daniel Craig buy a V12 Vantage Roadster? I am not sure, but he did take delivery of one. Yesterday, Driving.co.uk published this photo and reports that Daniel Craig “was handed the keys to the bright red V12 Vantage convertible”. Now which one of the 101 V12 Roadsters is this? Judging from the picture, the “bright red” could either be Flame Orange or Red Lion. Looking at my V12 Vantage Roadster Register, there’s only two V12VR’s in Flame Orange (one the AML demo, the other recently for sale, and two UK cars in Red Lion (the first also a demo, the other unknown). So has Daniel Craig been lent one of the demos or did he really buy one?