Pink Corsa crashes into black DBS!

Ouch, this hurts! Today an ugly old pink Vauxhall Corsa crashes into a beautiful black DBS at a garage in Kingshill, Swindon in the UK. Appararently, the Corsa lost control on the round-about, then crashed into the DBS that was parked in the petrol station.

Pink Corsa crashed into black Aston Martin DBS - 1

The owner of the DBS said:

“That will be a write-off. They won’t fix that.
I was filling up and then I saw the car coming towards me.
My car moved into the pump and bumped the pump off.”

Looking at the pics, I can’t imagine the DBS will be a complete write-off.
Expensive repairs, yes, but a write-off?

Pink Corsa crashed into black Aston Martin DBS - 2

Pink Corsa crashed into black Aston Martin DBS - 3

Corsa vs DBS - 3

Corsa vs DBS


  1. Standard day in swindon really! Lol

  2. Liking that white Richbrook Nurburgring tax disc holder in the 5th pic down!

  3. I bet the driver was thinking ‘If only I can miss that lamp post, I’ll avoid having an accident’

  4. Ugly VS Beautiful

  5. I do hope the owner of the pink car was put up against a wall and shot afterwards lol

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